Ascension Gathering

The Great I Am Awakening
(Ascension Gathering)

Total for Workshop: $2,220.00


Utopia Light City at The Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock
300 Trois Ln Fredericksburg, Texas 78624


Sun Jan 21 2024 at 01:11 pm to Sun Jan 28 2024 at 01:11 pm (GMT-06:00)


The Great I Am Awakening (Ascension Gathering)

Join us for our first Great I Am Ascension Retreat of 2024!!

As our great Sun Conjoins Pluto, they will enter into Aquarius on January 21st, we’re offered an opportunity to radically change the life path we are currently on and rewrite our life’s story!

The stars are in alignment with the most powerful consciousness shift of the ages, take a quantum leap with us and put your life on course to align with the manifestation of the Life of your Dreams!!!

This week we are called to claim our freedom!! Let’s join together in Utopia Light City at The Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock and experience the magic of transcendence!

We will take sacred steps this week to release the old 3-D paradigm which is no longer serving our inner truth and embrace a new higher vibrational reality most closely aligned with peace, joy, truth, freedom, abundance, & most importantly, Love!

Sunday through Sunday, our seven days of Ascension, only bring with you the desire to connect with The Great I Am Presence which dwells within & prepare to embrace the power of becoming “Oneness” with God!!

Our journey begins at 1:11 PM, (111 is the frequency of transcendence), on Sunday January 21st, & will be complete at 1:11 PM on Sunday, January 28th, 2024.

Rebecka Trois will lead us on a transformational journey of self discovery, as we identify the basic core of our belief systems, redefine those belief systems to align with Truth. We will develop a pathway to re-remember our soul’s identity. Each of us are an aspect of The Great I Am, One Power, One Intelligence, One Life, One Truth, One Love. As we Awaken to that truth, Freedom is our reward!!

Learn about the power of meditation & the art of sacred breath work. Prepare to dive deeper than you’ve ever gone & take a cosmic leap of faith to ascend into your divine humanness and begin living in Christ consciousness!

Discover true Freedom to live the life of your dreams, & to live forever free from fear, sorrow, pain, suffering, poverty or lack, illness, and discord.

Embrace your new Life in absolute abundance, full of happiness, peace, love, excitement & security beyond measure!

Through The Great I Am Awaking we will remember & realign with the all Goodness of God & begin to live a life of limitless possibilities filled with wonder and delight.

Suggested Donation: $333

Kate Lumley, K8 the heARTist of eWEtopIa, will be facilitating creative workshops from the Land of IN-TENT. All of the activities cultivate greater self awareness, self worth , creativity and courage. Working in this most inspEYE-RING way helps one reconnect with and remember the “more” of who we each are.

Suggested Donation: $333
(includes materials and supplies)

Michael Dawn, Divine Channel, will offer personal, one-on-one channeling throughout the week, as well as a group channeling on Saturday or Sunday (TBD). Engage with Infinite Intelligence in this unique fashion with your burning questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Suggested Donation: $333

Remember to bring the desire to connect with your deepest truth, & allow sacred space for your body, mind & spirit to transcend into that Truth!! 🌈💎❤️

Call to select your accommodations for this most transformational event.

Suggested Donation for Accommodations: $1,110.00
Daily Breakfast & Light Vegetarian Dinners: $111